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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Pizza with ALL Trader Joe* ingredients

It's Friday and it's GIRLS NIGHT....

I went to my friend Katie's house and right before we got to her house we decided to make dinner and go get the groceries Trader Joes.

My friend Katie had never been, in fact on a Friday after work....if you're a regular at Trader Joe's you know what this means.

I prepared her for the lines, the shoving, the people getting crazy, but overall the staff and store is amazing so usually I don't have any issues.

I have ALSO had to keep in mind NOW.....watch the expiration dates. Trader Joes was the LAST place I thought I would have to worry about, but I guess not. Especially when I pick up a salad; the expiration date sometimes expires in a week. In Seattle I would buy five salads at a time and not eat them all the way.

Anyways on with the cooking. We decided to make homemade Whole Wheat Pizza with Veggies.

We got orange and green peppers (1.19 each), mushrooms sliced (2.29), fresh mozzarella (3.49), shredded 3 white cheese's (2.49), basil; dried (3.49), and whole wheat pizza dough (1.19), red onion (.49 cents a lbs)

Sprinkle a little flour on the flat surface add the dough knead a little and then spread out with a rolling pin. I oil the pan and then add the dough. Pierce the dough with a fork all over to ensure no bubbles happen while in the over. I cook until its almost done and then let it cool as I prepare the toppings.

I sauté the veggies chopped in organic butter with a dash of salt and pepper to bring out the flavor. The peppers, red onions are cut thinly, add the mushrooms, and a little basil.

Tip: I sprinkle olive oil and basil on the dough before cooking the dough.

Fearless Flyer: check this out for tasty NEW TJ items.

Trader Joe's
14th Union Square &
Brooklyn (Court Street)

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