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Monday, August 10, 2015

Easter DIY Project...

I remember making this with my grandmother when I was a little girl. We would go out into the near by field and pick the BEST tumble weed. We would them take it in the grass and spray paint it white. My grandmother over the years collected cute little ornaments and we would decorate it the weekend before for our home. Every year we hosted the egg hunt at my grandparents.

Look what the wind brought in... via Geninne's Art Blog

This memory stuck with me for soo many years. I've tried to re-create it several times (my birthday): Tree branches and all my birthday cards hung from it.

Christmas tree was branches from the tree outside my house. I carried them in and laid them out on top of newspaper and brushed them with modge poge and glitter. When it dries the glitter looks like its sticking without glue. It was amazing.

If I had a choice I would glitter everything, oh wait I did. I did a super old phone case and used that for the holidays (red background), then I ended up using it for birthday party cards. I had sooo much left over. it was a fun project. DO TRY AT HOME...

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Banana "Steel Cut Oat" Protein Shake

So I really would like to share a tasty treat Ive been eating quite frequently. I normally don't indulge in these kind of things. I just made it up this weekend and now I can't stop eating them.

1/4 cup almond milk (1/2 of it first and then the other half when you blend)
1 tablespoons of steel cut oats
dash of cinnamon
1 ripe banana
1tablespoon of chunky peanut butter
1 tablespoon of vanilla protein mix
5-6 ice cubes (to your thickness)

Add the first portion of the almond milk in a container with a lid. Add the steel cut oats and cinnamon in the almond milk and refrigerator over night. Take them out in the am and add to the blend/ninja/smoothie maker. Add the banana, protein mix, peanut butter, and ice cubes, blend until its mixed well. add more ice cubes to make it thick, but remember more water and less almond milk makes a weird taste. (too watery)...

Check me out. After a long run, a tasty COLD flavorful and filling snack...YUM

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


I ordered a pair of shoes and signed up to receive "emails for promotions and deals". My birthday month, June I received an email from Tom Shoes "In-Store Events".

These in store events ranged from beauty, giving back, food/beverage, arts and crafts, wine tastings, and a variety of after-work functions. It was really cool that they started doing this. I was pleased to see the variety of options and functions they had going, especially since they do them "IN THE STORE". Many of the events cater to all different age groups and don't worry you don't have to "secretly" buy anything its just to primarily offer more "THINGS" for people to do in the city. The location is close to transportation: Bleeker Street (6 train/ Local, OR B, F, M trains)..

I highly recommend you sign up for being in the "know". I can't wait to see what August has to offer.

This month I'm able to attend two; Free Ice Coffee (July 7th) &; Movie Screening, Grease (July 30th). 

The free ice coffee was pretty nice and in fact it was a very hot day, so very ideal. I approached the building and they had this fancy sign outside for OTHERS to get a free coffee (I'm surprised it wasn't jam packed).

Then again people always think there is a catch. I walked right in and was greeted with kindness. The two (women and male) servers were fantastic. Sometimes I walk into a coffee shop and they hate their job and don't want to serve. I think they really enjoy when someone has a million options for their drink choice, even to think what they do when someone's drink gets messed up. HA! (that's clearly another store) and NOT the case here. I was greeted with wide open arms...

Sometimes I get weird about getting free things, but MOST times I always buy something in addition.....I was one lucky duck walking in because they had DOUGH donuts (they are known for their passion fruit donut Crème Brule, and pistachio and many more). I ordered one passion fruit to go. I then asked about the coffee. The women server mentioned when drinking cold coffee (I don't normally drink it). I added a little milk and simple syrup and it was perfect. This was a very refreshing and relaxing. The donut was tasty too. I can't wait to try more options. Their server stated the flavors come out more when drinking the cold coffee. I could taste the citrus taste she was speaking of. Overall great day.

I can't wait to attend the next event. They are offering yoga on July 25th, but I wasn't sure if I will be out of town. I think this is going to be a HUGE hit. Especially at 8:30am at the store. If you want to sign up send an email ASAP..... RSVPNYC@toms.com

I'm new to NYC and love to explore and go to events. I tend to use a variety of different websites, YELP, events in NYC, Brooklyn bridge emails, parks and recreations and more. If your someone like me then I suggests you get on board and enjoy.

Starting of the month of August in Style.
Today I attend the craft night at TOMS NYC offices! We started off by hanging out engaging with each other talking about the upcoming events and different events they have coming in the future.
Rebecca, took lead of the craft and showed us one that she did. We all kind of sat there for a moment in thought before we dug in about what "to do". We were making pendants, some started to just cut, glue, and work on theirs separately. They are flag like hanging objects similar to "college" like dorm room flags or college flags you see the gym of the school, with their school colors (Pinterest) has a lot of options. Really fun and a great way to be creative! Towards the end was crunch time, the store was closing and everyone was trying to make the finishing touches.  Everyone started putting their heads together to help each other out and encourage one another about each piece.
I decided to stick with two favorite things. Aztec print and the word love!
It was actually really cool what I made but I also felt like I could've done a more"simple" piece. Overall we all had fun. I meet some cool people, learned more about the organization of TOMS.
Today, I learned that if you buy a pound of TOMS coffee they donate water. The company trains people in the area how to treat the water for people in the surrounding area to build more jobs and clean water. 
It's pretty cool what TOMS does, its not ONLY shoes, and I support a lot of what they do. In fact I enjoy coming to the events knowing they are BIG supports and have BIG hearts like me. It's free and it's a way to socialize in a different way. Overalls I'm a fan. 




Milk Sugar Love

This is REALLY a hidden little gem. (if you get off the Newport Path train stop walk through the mall and over towards Hamilton Park).... YOU will be in front of the store front on the left hand side of their street.

 We walked in on a pretty hot day looking for a tasty treat. My friend wanted to cinnamon ice cream which is in the special of the month.

This creation was created by the owner of something his grandma would make for him when they were kids.

The Broa Sundae is cinnamon infused vanilla ice cream, crushed cookies from te Azores, Portuguese Coffee Candied Almonds, Sugared Egg Yolks and Eucharist water.

I loved this creation. The flavors of the egg yolk, sugar, cream, milky ice cream, with cinnamon ice cream was delicious. The almonds were perfect with a little crunch. This is a monthly dish so get it why its hot. FYI you can't get the cinnamon ice cream UNLESS you order this tasty deliciousness treat. I tasted the Stumptown coffee and this was astonishing in fact I might need a scoop or two when we head to project eats. I hope they are going to be there this weekend.

Indeed there is milk with a little sugar, and everything is made with love. I had a great experience from the atmosphere in this hole in the wall spot, service and knowledge from the front and back staff. Very informative staff about the product. You could tell they all loved the product very much and enjoyed the love that was being spread within each piece of baked good and ice cream creation.

When I was at Project Eats this weekend I even saw Milk.Sugar.Love there. They had the cute cart I'm standing by below. They were serving treats and giving out tasty red velvet, birthday cake, and more ice cream sandwiches. What a delight. I love to see local business spreading treats.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Obsession for cupcakes (Happy Belated to ME)

June was my birthday month (6/18/1983) and I turned 32 years old. Time flies when your eating food and talking about it, literally.

Magnifico - South River, NJ

A lot of people say "OMG Daisha, why do you celebrate your birthday all month"? The truth is I love to go to ALL the spots I love and in order for my to not get a little "over weight" I have to spread out eating all these tasty indulgences but also appreciate why I love them.

The fact about the whole thing is I love food, cookies, treats, and of coarse CUPCAKES. Which brings me to the ONLY reason why I'm posting today. I love cupcakes and I can't take them out of my life. I found a few GREAT spots I would love to share with you.

Again, having them in lump sums doesn't make any sense, although ensuring my cupcake fix is handled appropriately does.

Sugar Sweet Sunshine is one of my TOP cupcake choices. It's lite and fluffy, not to dense or thick. It's almost LIKE a cupcake you just baked at home (about that size). The frosting not to thick, and the decorations look like my nephew helped. This cupcake shop gets me going. I can't get enough of it that I wanted to work here on Sundays (they were hiring). Then I thought about it, I like coming here and then leaving. A glass of milk or coffee is perfect to compliment this little tasty devil.

Sugar Sweet Sunshine
Other things to try here; The cake in a cup ($5) and great for sharing. It's all the extra cake pieces leftover piled into a plastic cup and then frosted added throughout. I haven't come to try this yet, but honestly what else would you do wrong with then ordering this JUST one time.

Lastly you need to get the banana pudding its seriously insane. I don't like banana pudding, cream, nothing, but I heard it was good on YELP X 100 so why not try it. Of coarse I got a cupcake JUST for some crazy reason all 100 people were WRONG.... I sunk one spoon full of my "pudding" shot ($3.00 - little and perfecting "trying" size) and this was the most flavorful, moist, banana chucks, mixed to perfection pudding. It was honestly really delicious. Please try this.

Cupcakes by Carousel
My second option on the When I first laid eyes on this cupcake I was like hummmm its blue, then I bit into it. Blue velvet cupcake, and then I said holy crap this is delicious and ever since I always go to the blue if I can. So I thought I would look into this a little more. Of coarse this is a cupcake spot that Oprah Whitfey talked about on her show, of coarse they are ALWAYS sold out of blue and red velvet. Its a huge thing now. Small little spot down in Jersey and HUGE....

We have these options to get them through our deli, but its expensive for them to order and sometimes they don't sell out fast enough. I'm ok with FRESH cupcakes, but after a few days it doesn't work for me. I really enjoy eating these cupcakes. The oreo and smores one is really fun, creative, and tasty. The frosting on these big (a pretty good size) bad boys are a little thick. Now let me tell you the appropriate way to consume this blue cupcake (or any cupcakes that MIGHT work).

Separate the "muffin top" from the bottom (keep the paper on) then turn the top upside down. It will look a little something like this....smash it together lightly and then take the paper off, now this is a perfect cupcake snack.

Carousel Cupcakes

Now this is what I'm taking about. It isn't that messy and it's perfect cake/frosting combo. I showed my friends this trick and EVERYONE is on board. Check it out.

Sweet Bakery -  Boston, MA
I love me some cupcakes. In fact I might need to get me one today. I think the first step is to admit you have the addiction, and I already have. I'm just being honest.
Cupcakes + ME = Happy Daisha (see below)..... 
Sprinkles / Cupcake ATM  - 780 Lexington Ave New York, NY 10065

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tolani Wine Bar

410 Amsterdam Ave, NY 10024, 212-873-6252
Brunch/Lunch/Dinner and HH 4:00 - 7:00

Sunday Super Bowl Weekend was when three of my friends got together for brunch. I ended up meeting up with one of my friends in the waiting area with our cup of joe.

We waited until are other people in our party arrived. As soon as they arrived the waitress began right away serving each of us a glass of their tasty Bellini juice. We purchased a group-on which allowed all of us to enjoy 1 hour of tasty treats (which really ended up being 2 hours). Sometimes people tend to get a great vibe with the groups I hang out with and tend to give us a little more than normal.

We started looking at the tasty menu and the waitress was amazing and she ended up explaining in depth about the menu and really how it is ideal for this and that. She also mentioned everyone getting a few items and sharing them, but we  all ended up getting our own items. We ended up spending 10.00 (with tip included), which would normally be $200.00 for four people. We had an amazing time. The staff was friendly, the environment was welcoming and NO white table cloths, yet it was a wine bar. My thought use to be that all European/Wine bars have white table cloths, which isn't some place I prefer to dine. Therefore I would avoid them, but this was a great spot.

I ordered a B.L.T sandwich with a heaping amount of French fries that was "perfect" to make my dish complete. My other two friends treated themselves to the salmon and feta omelets. Another tried an omelet with bacon and cheddar served with rustic wheat bread. It was lite but filling. The last dish which I have added an image was honestly SOMETHING I've never seen before.

Layer homemade like nacho chips with drizzle cheese (more like a gouda/white cheddar and possible paprika for a kick and some green chills for a kick) or possible a white crème sauce. I did see some tomatoes and onions diced up with sprinkling of cheese with two fried eggs. When you get the dish you open the eggs up and the drizzle action happens. I thought this was a very different breakfast dish. I will defiantly recreate this dish to my likes and give it a little kick of coarse.

I really would recommend this place to friends, family, people coming in from another state or country. It has a great atmosphere, culture, and the rustic feel is ideal for a great night out.

Easter Brunch

I'm heading to South Brunswick for the weekend to spend time with my friend and her family. We have really been close over the last few years. I always make an effort to prepare an amazing meal for the family especially having BBQ's. I decided to bring my homemade favorites. I couldn't decided what type of Entrée to make, therefore I'm making both. I really want this to be a special day for the family.

Lemon & Herb Salmon
Slice half the lemon
other half;
grate a little lemon zest
1 tablespoon; freshly squeezed lemon juice
diced freshly parsley
sliced butter (2)
salt and pepper

In a tin add the salmon after you washed it off and patted him (yes HIM) dry..
Add the parsley and butter around him. Place the lemon slices on the salmon with the lemon zest. Add the lemon juice with the butter and parsley. Dash a little Salt and Pepper.
Bake at 350 until the salmon is cooked thoroughly (about 25 mins); depending on the piece and size. If its a few pieces for a group use a pan and cover with tin foil and bake until they all are done at 350 degrees.

Place all pieces in the tin with the same directions above.
This process will be a little faster. WATCH them.

Asparagus Gratin
freshly picked bunch of asparagus (about 1 lbs)
1 to 2 slivers of butter
dash or salt and pepper

Daisha's Famous Mashers
(twice baked)
5 russet potato's (or Idaho); diced in BIG chunks
1/2 stick of butter
1/4 cup milk (2% please)
salt and pepper

Keep it simple. Boil the potatoes until they are done. Use a fork to ensure they are finished in the inside. Drain. Let sit for a few mins. Add the milk, butter, and seasonings. I use a masher or wooden spoon to get the lumps out. I whip them babies RIGHT up. Delicious. Always use your index finger to make sure they are cooked to perfection.

additional tips.
Sometimes you can add a little sour cream and cheese (on YOUR plate) to create some more JAZZ...


Asparagus Gratin and Crab
(Found this tasty recipe online too)



  1. Place asparagus in a greased 1-qt. baking dish.
  2. Top with crab and cheese and set aside.
  3. In a saucepan, melt 2 tablespoons butter.
  4. Stir in flour until smooth.
  5. Whisk in milk, mustard, salt and pepper.
  6. Bring to a boil over medium heat.
  7. Cook and stir for 2 minutes or until thickened.
  8. Remove from the heat and stir in lemon juice.
  9. Pour over asparagus.
  10. Melt remaining butter and toss with bread crumbs.
  11. Sprinkle over top.
  12. Bake, uncovered, at 350° for 30 minutes or until heated through.