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Friday, October 17, 2014

Two Lizard Restaurant

Two Lizard
Btw 73rd and 74th (Upper East Side)
Mexican Comida
Walking to two lizards was very excited because it’s a hole in the wall. A blink of an eye and you would’ve miss it. It’s a cute little restaurant with seating along the wall (left) and tables to the right. No outdoor seating, but the big open window in front allows for people to sit outside..sort of.

I want to first talk about how personal everyone was and friendly. When I called to see if I could bring a cake for the birthday girl he was a delight to speak to. He talked about the brunch and how they haven’t put it on the website because it was new.

The brunch is $19.95; Pancakes, french toast, eggs, tacos, and enchiladas all featured on the menu with 2 hours of unlimited drinks. It was really a great deal. The food was tasty and the drinks were perfect. Some were a little watered down, but still tasty.

This was a great place to have a birthday gathering. The owner ensured we had a huge celebration, tasty treats/cake, hit it off with a little birthday singing/clapping, and ensuring everyone was drinking. They know how to party.

I started off with coffee (which was included in the brunch) and guacamole and sangria. Everything was perfect. The guacamole is made in front of you.  Then I looked over the choice of entrees. It had jalapenos, onions, bacon and eggs scramble with corn tortillas on the side. I made mini tacos and was full. It was a perfect combination or flavor. Overall great place, location, food, and drinks. Celebrate.


Friday, August 29, 2014

The "New" Jersey Life

Turkish Food
I've officially signed papers to temporarily moved to NJ. I'm taking a few months to figure out the next chapter in my life. I have a beautiful apartment with adorable roomies. In fact I think this is going to be a happy spot since I've lived in NYC. The toughest thing living here has been my roomie situation.

I meet my "new" roomies last night to finalize the paperwork and do what Daisha does best...EAT and TRY something NEW.... :)

We went to this new restaurant in North Bergan, NJ which is a few minutes from the new apartment. One of my roommate is Turkish. I was really nervous about eating there, but he said it was a lot of vegetarian dishes and some what like Mediterranean food. I started off by having him take the reins in ordering two appetizers and then my main dish was pretty much kabobs and veggies with flavorful chicken.

We started with puff pastry which was ricotta cheese and then deep fried.
It was a pretty delicious dish. We then started with a variety of sauces with the bread that is given when you sit down. The platter was a delicious blend of eggplant, hummus, white with dill and a great balance is flavors to really build my appetite up for dinner.

I received my dish but there wasn't any chicken. We had to wait a little longer for some chicken to arrive which was a really great meat quality and flavors it made the chicken really powerful and moist. I enjoy the dish very much (I'm a veggie head indeed). I was pleased with my order. I'm able to add another culture of food to my palette, but check off "Turkish food" on my list....I will be back.

I wasn't even going to eat dessert, but honestly I hadn't had a tasty dessert like this is a while. I LOVE pistachios and honey, but this was an out of this world pastry. I am glad I tried it. PERFECT to complete the evening.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Jacob's Pickles

Jacob's Pickles Upper West Side- Amsterdam/85th

I really enjoy this place. I can't believe I haven't written about this spot sooner. I wanted to wait 6 times before actually writing about it.

Anyways, this restaurant just makes great food great. A warm tummy, tasty treats, and why not with a crowd or even a first date.

I'm officially addicted to the chicken on anything, with honey, and/or the gravy. I had the "ham hock" collard greens which was cooked to perfection (not to salty). Great flavor with the flavors that sooths the sole. Baked Mac & Cheese is to die for. The creamiest yet perfectly cooked , and not to gooey.

I wasn't into the deep fried pickles this time, but I've had them in the past and its ultimately amazing and the "Jacobs sauce" is grand. They have some amazing selections to drink that really quench your thirst which are unique in varieties; stout beer" float with ice cream (YUMMY ($12.00). Rosemary is used in another tasty drink and the lemonade one served in the mason jar is pretty good. I honestly (as if they didn't like it) come to this spot whenever I have a guest in town and they love it. I really enjoy each time, lines can be a little long (1 to 2 hour waits), but its well worth it. If you want to walk around in the neighborhood they have cute shops to kill some time.

Good to knows: outdoor seating, great drinks, no line at the bar, children friendly, open from breakfast, brunch or dinner, desserts (absolutely), southern cooking in the finest way prepared.

Jersey Weekend

Taqueria: 56 Grove Street/ Grand Street / Jersey City  
(no photo because this dish was VERY greasy)

If you are going to eat here tacos only! We walked in and sat outside in the back alley way. Adorable. It was decorated with a Mexican flare and other fun d├ęcor; the beach theme with surf boards and poster "like" metal signs. It was a fun experience. We were in perfect time for a $3.00 mimosa and $3.00 bloody Mary's. We both tried the mimosa, which was tasty for me.

I started glancing through the menu and in fact I wanted breakfast, but they don't serve coffee. I was a little disoriented with a food spot NOT serving coffee. I should've ran out the back door. Just kidding.. I order Rancho Huevos, because I've been dying to try this, but it wasn't anything I would order. I've always seen friends and family order this and the eggs weren't runny, there was guacamole and its very much like a scramble, but this wasn't anything I was expecting. This dish was very greasy, not much flavorful and tasteless. I told the waiter and he gave me another mimosas, which didn't make sense because I didn't eat much food. Oh wait,my favorite part is on the menu no entree's were over 10.00 bucks, but the homemade fresh guacamole (wasn't on the menu and he up sold us as if it was free)was clearly 7.00 bucks when we got the bill. I was trying to figure out how much it was, and nothing was not show. So was it even 7.00 bucks?? Who knows. Anyways my overall experience wasn't a win and I will not be returning back to this place. I was very disappointed and hope something changes for this place soon. Drinks MIGHT be tasty, but honestly just go some place else.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Blue Smoke "BBQ Food"

Blue Smoke
two locations who knows BBQ treats and thangs.
Flatiron and Battery Park
255 Vesey Street 212-889-2005 (the location I went too)

The atmosphere is live and exciting. I enjoy the open side entrance attached to the outdoor seating. Its been an eventful Friday with HUGE work parties, family's hanging out. I was going to just explore and unwind with some tasty food and drinks.

I spoke to the helpful bartender

Blood orange margarita to start the night off, then an appetizer; toasted raviolis. I just found out that  after 12+ years Executive Chef left and know it's John Paul ..... He is now 6 months in, getting his feet wet and brewing up the next menu into what we shall know as blue smoke's "last name". In fact I'm very curious to check the new menu out. Items currently on the menu; deviled eggs, fry  bread, and the famous warm BBQ chips.

Alright, I have came back for Restaurant Week. In the photo here I had the Brisket (half/half: lean and mixture of fatty) with beans. I was very impressed with the 16 hour braised meat and the flavor was really good. I enjoyed the simple presentation. The beans had a zang to them, which was complementary to the beef chunks in there. I think a cold beer would've been ideal. I ended up drinking water, because I really wanted to taste the flavors and not loose anything. I will defiantly come back. This is another great place for families, first date, friends gathering to catch up, and just a good old time.

This was my first time actually having KEY LIME PIE.
Sooo tasty, tangy limes, with a great custard like lime taste. Great....

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Brownstone Pancake Factory

OK. I love breakfast. It's in Jersey City off Grand Street. Plenty of parking, but prepared to wait (after 1100am). Its worth the wait. I've eaten here two times and its defiantly a high star in my book.

first visit; the location is prime, the parking is great, the in and out service was smooth. I reviewed the menu and found out this is a "dine, drives, and dives". They have a Guy Feri pancake wrap, but its almost to much food. I have yet to try it. I ended up getting the basic pancake, bacon, and eggs combo which is a whooping 10.00 bucks (only in jersey are prices these great), especially for the amount of food you receive. The pancakes (my mouth is watering talking about it) are delicious. Cooked to perfection and really flavorful. They syrup adds a flavor that really evolves the two ingredients to continue taking another bite. They are served with four fluffy, lite, and not to battery packThe eggs and bacon were tasty and crisp just how I like it. The coffee was great diner coffee and defiantly hit the spot times two cups.

The second visit was on a recent Saturday (I'm addicted I know) and I went with the omelets; I wanted grits. I just recently starting eating grits and in love with the flavors. Although, I wouldn't recommend; no flavor and I hate to add later its not the same. I like grits to be cooked with a little salt and pepper, butter and water it just makes the whole taste oh so much better. I ordered the loaded baked potatoe omelet with veggies and potatoes. I would defiantly ask for the sour cream on the side or don't add it, because I didn't finish it because it was too much. I normally always finish my food. I got a side of wheat and so did my friend and they served it piping hot with butter and jelly (they don't have strawberry), just grape jelly.

Side note;
I really want biscuits and gravy (they don't have this on the menu), which means I need to have Jacobs Pickles (in my food blog). I couldn't have enough breakfast in one day. Anyways I highly recommend you check this place out. The staff is amazing and the diner is ALWAY clean. The service is perfect during your stay.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Miller Guilds Review Seattle, WA

Miller Guilds
Seattle, WA

We walked into this spot around 8:30 am to have breakfast. I knew I wanted waffles or pancakes or French toast. I was a little skeptical about the description of the waffle. I received my waffle to look like this.......

Amazing flavors, the maple syrup was fresh and delicious, the fruit was perfect not to tart, and the added cornmeal mix seeds were sooo amazing with the waffle. It was light, fluffy and not dense at all, the eggs were cooked to perfection; not runny or to hard, they were brown eggs and organic. The coffee was drip (option; drip or French press).

The atmosphere had an inferno that turns into a grill hot stove for pizzas. It also warmed the place up, which was great for Seattle on a rainy day. This type of touches really completes a restaurant. Sometimes when you are living in Seattle you don't leave because of the weather and then you think of a nice fire and food. This would be a great spot to have it all and NOT be at home. This would be a great first date, friends in town, and defiantly to eat alone. It was pretty dead when we got there.

The service. This place just opened and the gentlemen who owned it had his little's boys party that came in with his friends. His little boy was "president of the school for the day". the got to come down and have burgers, fries, cookies and milk. It was a great little treat.

Which brings me to the service. There was no host, which would defiantly help with the couple who stood around for almost ten mins trying to make sure they found someone to either seat themselves or be seated. I has already had my food but she didn't fill my coffee which was kind of annoying because it was empty while I was eating my food, which is a HUGE service docker for me. I simple explained to her that this is VERY much needed. I wish I could fulfill that service. I think this is a great spot, next to a hotel (Hotel Max) and it has potential. Although that service can easily be a disservice and people can leave with minor details like this, I have been eating out and review, and writing tips for a while and I see what restaurants need. Its hard to be in that environment as a customer and not want to help everyone.

Overall the food was great, the server was amazing and defiantly told me they JUST started having breakfast and they are working on getting a host, which is great. The owner has a restaurant in NYC, that's a sister restaurant which I will be checking out. I love the feel of it there.

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