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Friday, March 20, 2015

We Waking Up In Philly

I have never been here and finally got to explore the city.
Enjoy my families company.
Heidi, Daisha & Amber
Family Time
Eat a tasty Philly cheesesteak and find the amazing looking buildings (Macys was a dream to look into) .

It's a walkable city although we went on a weekend were it was still cold and rainy! It was kind of a damper on our travels for Saturday, but we ended up making sure we stayed inside the . We decided to head to the RMT Reading Terminal Market and checked the local/small &big/tasty shops and eateries.

Saturday morning we went to the "Known" Sabrina's. It wasn't that bad getting in, even know the line was wrapper around the waiting area. About a 10 min wait and enjoyed almost everything on out table. I wanted to try something new and different. We all ordered something that we could share to try everything on the menu that seemed the most appealing to us. I ordered the tex-mex scramble with black bean grits. Please believe me when I tell you I was shocked how much the grits  were a hit for everyone. I enjoy my dish. Layers of tasty fresh veggies, eggs, cheese, and stripped tortilla chips. They add a cilantro/lime/olive oil based chimicurri sauce on top.  Sabrina's is located off callowhill area.

We also later that evening went to mccrossens where we meet Kevin! He is the General Manager, and has been working a little over a year. He was running the night with Jaime one of the owners. They were both very into the evening and ensuring everyone was enjoying their time. Making sure everyone was enjoying their evening. Having a great time but also his customer service was on point! In fact it was suppose to be one drink and then back to the hotel (that was around 10pm), we didn't leave until almost 1pm. I think we had a great time? What do you think? We laughed, had drinks, joked, played around, and just had the upmost fun we use to have back in the day when we were all together. Kevin brought out the happiness, playfulness, an everyone felt very welcome. Kevin and Daisha will be having a show down shortly! I don't even know how to do one, but it would be fun!!!

A few historical and artsy things we did in the city includes quelling around and checking out graffiti bar, the mural on the wall across from Green Egg Cafe. The city has the famous city hall white/gold/black building standing high with a lot of other famous buildings in the rittenhouse area shopping  looping around the neighborhood.

Magic Gardens: amazing walking spot
Magic Gardens- 1020 S. South Street (10th )

Other things to do in Philly___________________________

Eastern State Penatrary: El Capotones Cell

Jim's (philly chessesteak)?? what did you think?

Liberty Bell (it has a crack on it): Historical Piece

Philadelphia Muesuem (Rocky Stairs)

South Street Market: Walk up and down and check out all the fun stores, bars, pubs, eateries & explore.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Open your mouth…I have treats for you. I heard of this website at work. People were getting Holiday bags and treats from the site, and of course the “foodie” had to look it up.  I had to share with my followers. TONS of treats for everyone in the family. Just take a look, take a look…..just take a look, take a look (Sorry Taylor Swift is in my head today).




Just would like to share. Thank you NYC

Over the last few months there are places I haven't blogged about that I've tried. I want to say THANK YOU even know I didn't say a little something these places still end up on my YELP, Foursquare, or Swarm account. I also don't forgot and if its tasty then I always let people know about them.
Today I want to say THANK YOU and show off a few places/Photos/images/tasty dishes....

Are you following my blog...If not please take a few minutes to FOLLOW me.
When I first moved to NYC I was living with my great friend (at the time) and she let me stay rent free for almost 2 months. After ONE month living in NYC that I was ready to start my life and leave Seattle. I then stayed in my own room in Williamsburg for ONE whole month (rent was a little insane) but the landlords wanted to renovated so moved. Although, we had friends (mice/cockroaches/waterbugs), but sad BC Brooklyn was great in the food world. Lets just say I don't want to remember my experience in the apartment, but it was PRIME location. ONE block from the subway....
If I had to say ONE place that makes me go back from time to time, that's ZONA ROSA. Its located off the metropolitan Ave/ Lormier (G train)!
I loved their drinks and food. The bartenders were always friendly. They have a rooftop that is pretty dope. I enjoyed going here during the week day when it was dead (semi-dead) and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Even on a gloomy day I enjoyed it.
then we left to the Upper East Side..
If I had to mention one place that I loved over here it would be the Gluten Free bakery, Pips Place that always taunted me when I was waiting for the 101S/101 local (on First Ave). I LOVED the tasty treats. Their cookies and small random treats were always a delight. If you're in the neighborhood check it out.
Unfortunately I had a turn for the worst (bad roomies) and needed to leave my life on the UES for my next journey in North Bergen..
I've lived in Jersey for about 6 months now and I love the view. I love the easy life. I love how chill it is. The city is right there, but Hoboken/New Port/Edgewater is right there also. I've been making an effort to get out and explore every single weekend, even in the 20 degree weather. I don't know what my next journey will be. I just know I want/love doing something that makes me happy. I want to be able to continue to share my stories and inspire people to be like me or live through me.
Thank you...
Jeanne Lee, Sydney Mintle, and Laurie Robertson for making me believe in myself and follow my dreams that I never thought in a million years would happen. I've made SOO many friends, connections, and learned so much about myself and I would've done it without you three ladies in my life.

Homemade Chili

Turkey Chili (Oh Shoot...that's ME)..NOOOOO

1 pound ground turkey
1 can 12-16 oz. Salsa (with corn)
1 can 8 oz tomato paste
1 can of 8 oz. corn
1 12oz kidney beans
1 12oz pinto beans
1 12oz black beans

Brown your turkey meat until its fully cooked; no pink. Drain. Add the salsa, turkey meat into the medium size pot, then add the beans. Mix ALL ingredients and let it all simmer, and comes to a boil. I love to serve it with cheese melting on the top (cheddar makes it better).

Fresh colorful Salad & Homemade corn bread

The Summer W/ Cousin Daisha

J. Russell

My cousin, Jessica came to visit me for her birthday weekend. Boy did she not even know what to expect. I had just recently had everything planned for her trip and I decided why not write about everything you can do in NYC in a short period of time, with a quick guide to "how to get around".

I also had my dearest friends Angelica & Raquel join me in February and this was the perfect to combine everything that we did here in NYC all in one.

New Jersey City; Taqueria
Living in NYC can be very stressful (but you can always have some chips/sales & margarita), especially when you have a new job, you don't know a lot of people, and then you mix the getting around. I think for being very very geographically challenged I'm able to get around pretty good. I didn't get the whole Harlem (West and East Sides) for a while (don't ask), but I have finally figured it out. Anyways the MTA system is a breeze and now I'm learning the NJ transit which is hard/frustrating sometimes (Path, NJ transit, Lite Rail & Coach buses) but I've only been there fore six months. I love to explore and find new things, I think having Jessica, Angelica, and Raquel visit helped me helped me learn to be ok with getting lost. I use to get super frustrated at first. Getting on the wrong train and standing around not realizing WHAT direction you need to go to get lost again. I don't like it, but I have found a lot of exciting "NEW" spots to go to.

Overall having these ladies visit me was a great time and I got to do the tourist things that I always wanted to do (people who are from NYC don't want to do that kind of stuff).

First off I highly recommend you download the MTA transit Map on your phone.

Prepare yourself
 I mean you can always buy a map, but its better to NOT look like a tourist. I always refer back to my map MTA Subway Map App JUST to make sure (I still use it today). Then again I've only been here for almost 2 years. I also use HOPSTOP (how to get around on the trains); I can easily pop in any address from my current location and gives me the BEST options (bus, lite rail (NJ), subway, path); NYC & NJ). Love it.

MTA Weekly Pass
I also recommend, because of cost to get a weekly (I know you might ONLY stay for four days), its $30.00 bucks. You can use this to and from your destinations, bus, subway, and it doesn't matter how many times you swipe in an hour. NEVER fails to have someone who wants to buy a "budget" friendly card (my NYC friends) and we always have to wait for her to fill her card up. Its annoying and believe me totally worth the $30.00 bucks. I never realized how many times I swipe in one day especially after work. I'm always exploring. Just take in consideration; roundtrip is $5.00 a trip...no brainer If your going from uptown to downtown ($5) to times square ($10) to Brooklyn ($15) , to downtown Manhattan ($20) and now upper east side ($25) and then to lower east ($30): that might be two days of that, and HOPING you don't get lost or on the wrong track (that's additional)...you get my drift?


Times Square

Central Park

Grand Central Station

Empire State Building

Rockafella Museum

The highline

Fashion District

Science Museum


Brooklyn Bridge;

South Seaport (Ferry : $4.00 roundtrip) (To South SeaPort-Brooklyn-Upper East Side)

Circle Line Cruise

Battery Park/ 911 Monument/Towers/Wall Street

The Met (Opera Hall)

Coney Island (Beach)

Long Beach (Beach)

Jersey, Hoboken

Lets talking real talk right now. Do you really think people who live here take their friends to all the places above and send the cash to go into these spots? NO.....we don't in fact I rather spend my time walking by and taking a selfie. I want my friends to enjoy; Wine and beer tasting, coffee conventions, Mercedes Benz fashion week, Brooklyn Bridge festivals, Smorgasbord and many more eventful things. I really enjoy having fun and exploring new neighborhoods and make an effort to ensure I do EVERYTHING before I leave (good food, hole in the wall, historical piece, have a tasty drink). I mean at this point you get my drift.

Coney Island

My to do list.... (Never ending list)

Road trip to the South (Nashville & South/North Carolina)
Visit Rhode Island, Maine,
Bear Park
Visit an urban lounge NOT in the city
Astoria for the tasty food
Bedford Ave during the summer (I went during the winter)
Bronx: Riverdale
Long Island City
Long Island
Boardwalk in Jersey (where Snooki's show was filmed)
Two Boots Pizza

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Presto Pizza

I have been here two times and was never hungry. I finally went with an empty tummy. I walked in about 900pm and wanted some wine with my pizza. Unfortunately, they don't sell alcohol, but they recommended I walk to hollywood liquors, find something, and bring it over. Which is perfect. I got an apple cider "shock top" and Red Moscato wine. I had a plain slice of pizza and watched The Interview (movie they had a TV). It was a great three hours spent in another setting. The original Presto Pizza resides in West new York right next to the 60th pool (summer time only). It was a great evening, quiet. I spoke with the two staff in the front and the delivery guy Mike. They were friendly, personal, and we laughed all night long. Its a small spot, but the foot traffic was unbelievable. People were coming for whole pizzas, personal pizzas, and slices after their long day at work. Great spot to check out if you are in the area.

Cesar's Empandas

I mean first of all I have never had these drunk. Second off I think its worth going all the way to Brooklyn from. I would recommend before a game to grab a few and sneak them in (Barclay Center).

When I first stumbled upon this place it was my favorite new spot. My co-worker and I would walk 12+ blocks, shopped, worked up and appetite and then went to Cesar's "food truck". I normally don't eat street meat in NYC, but in Seattle this was a thing. HUGE large locations (similar to Smoorgashboarg here). Cesar's always has a line and its amazing. I always get the chicken one. I tried the spinach one this time around with my chicken one and wasn't to much of a fan. I like how friendly the guy server is. I mean its worth a try.

Suggestions from friends...
El Viejo Yayo
317 9th St Brooklyn, NY 11215

What do you want to see more of?