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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Brownstone Pancake Factory

OK. I love breakfast. It's in Jersey City off Grand Street. Plenty of parking, but prepared to wait (after 1100am). Its worth the wait. I've eaten here two times and its defiantly a high star in my book.

first visit; the location is prime, the parking is great, the in and out service was smooth. I reviewed the menu and found out this is a "dine, drives, and dives". They have a Guy Feri pancake wrap, but its almost to much food. I have yet to try it. I ended up getting the basic pancake, bacon, and eggs combo which is a whooping 10.00 bucks (only in jersey are prices these great), especially for the amount of food you receive. The pancakes (my mouth is watering talking about it) are delicious. Cooked to perfection and really flavorful. They syrup adds a flavor that really evolves the two ingredients to continue taking another bite. They are served with four fluffy, lite, and not to battery packThe eggs and bacon were tasty and crisp just how I like it. The coffee was great diner coffee and defiantly hit the spot times two cups.

The second visit was on a recent Saturday (I'm addicted I know) and I went with the omelets; I wanted grits. I just recently starting eating grits and in love with the flavors. Although, I wouldn't recommend; no flavor and I hate to add later its not the same. I like grits to be cooked with a little salt and pepper, butter and water it just makes the whole taste oh so much better. I ordered the loaded baked potatoe omelet with veggies and potatoes. I would defiantly ask for the sour cream on the side or don't add it, because I didn't finish it because it was too much. I normally always finish my food. I got a side of wheat and so did my friend and they served it piping hot with butter and jelly (they don't have strawberry), just grape jelly.

Side note;
I really want biscuits and gravy (they don't have this on the menu), which means I need to have Jacobs Pickles (in my food blog). I couldn't have enough breakfast in one day. Anyways I highly recommend you check this place out. The staff is amazing and the diner is ALWAY clean. The service is perfect during your stay.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Miller Guilds Review Seattle, WA

Miller Guilds
Seattle, WA

We walked into this spot around 8:30 am to have breakfast. I knew I wanted waffles or pancakes or french toast. I was a little scepticale about the discription of the wafffle. I received my waffle to look like this.......
Displaying image.jpeg

Amazing flavors, the maple syrup was freash and deslicious, the fruit was perfect not to tart, and the added cornmeal mix seeds were sooo amazing with the waffle. It was light, fluffy and not dense at all, the eggs were cooked to perfection; not runny or to hard, they were brown eggs and organic. The coffee was drip (option; drip or french press).

The atmosphere had an inferno that turns into a grill hot stove for pizzas. It also warmed the place up, which was great for seattle on a rainy day. This type of touches really completes a resutrant. Sometimes when you are living in seattle you dont leave because of the weather and then you think of a nice fire and food. This would be a great spot to have it all and NOT be at home. This would be a great first date, friends in town, and defintly to eat alone. It was pretty dead when we got there.

The service. This place just opended and the genetlemen who owned it had his littles boys party that came in with his friends. His little boy was "president of the school for the day". the got to come down and have burgers, fries, cookies and milk. It was a great little treat.

Whih brings me to the service. There was no host, which would defintly help with the couple who tood around for almost ten mins trying to make sure they found someone to either seat themselves or be seated. I has already had my food but she didnt fill my coffee which was kind of annoying becasue it was empty while i was eating my food, which is a HUGE service docker for me. I simple explained to her that this is VERY much needed. I wish I could fufill that service. I think this is a great spot, next to a hotel (Hotel Max) and it has potnetial. Although that serivce can easily be a disservice and people can leave with minor details like this, I have been eating out and review, and writing tips for a while and I see what resturants need. Its hard to be in that envoriment as a customer and not want to help everyone.

Overall the food was great, the server was amazing and defiantly told me they JUST started having breakfast and they are working on getting a host, which is great. The owner has a restaurant in NYC, that's a sister restaurant which I will be checking out. I love the feel of it there.

Milk Burger Review

Milk Burger
2nd and 106th Street: East Harlem

Displaying image.jpeg

They use a potato bun (not toasted), american cheese (which I am NOT a fan) but was delicious on it. I also left the pickles and I dont like pickles. The milk sauce is devine and is additional but get it...

This guacamole is literally sooo delicious and flavorful. The combines flavors allow it mouth to just loose all control. That's a real burger. Flavorful but without bacon. The fries are delicious and cook to perfection.
The environment is very clean, well organized and the take out orders are endless. Three years and running and successful driving these orders out the door. This is NOT shake shake I'm sorry far from it. It's a ma and pa spot, that is killing the game.

I ordered my second burger from Seamless and the burger arrived as if IT just came out of the ordering door. Not a single piece of ingredient was out of place. Wrapped with care to and from. The chocolate milkshake HIT the spot. Its defiantly good enough to share (not that you would want to).

Look forward to your favorite Milk Burger in the Bronx. They will be opening in south Bronx around the Storage Place.

FYI: if your ordering from them online or over the phone. Make sure you ask for sauce on the burger. I didn't even have ketchup...BUT you should get the milk sauce. 

Cheers 2 Thai Review

Cheers 2 Thai 
Brooklyn (Williamsburg)
Thai food

Cheers is a great low key environment on metropolitan in Brooklyn. It's fairly new to this location. It's been here for about four months (August 29th 2013).

If u love thai food and great drinks come!!!!

I sat at the bar and was able to people watch and look at the interesting artwork.

They have this red like sculpture with salad spinners and fish and chip red baskets. It's defiantly something u should see. (I'm serious just come).

Objects on the wall consist of bird house! Window colleagues with lamps, stuffed animals: fluffy the car and gorilla. Upstairs is a great view to the bar and seating area. The back leading to the kitchen is a collection it's self. Make sure if ur in the being or good to check it out.

I started with a beach bum drink (10 bucks), Fried egg rolls and some cashew chicken over brown rice (extra 1). I like the egg rolls flavorful and bite size small and great for sharing (5 bucks).

The cashew chicken is really good with pineapple. The sauce was a little salty. Which if there is a chef back there he should know. It's something that bothers me when food is over salted, but I ate rice to bland it out. Chicken was juicy and veggies crisp I rather have that and be ok with the salty sauce. I really enjoyed it but won't order it again. If I did order it I will make sure they DONT add to much salt, because it was pretty tasty.

Brooklyn Label Review

Brooklyn label

I had waffle, eggs, bacon, and coffee. The waffle was a little dry and didn't have that I want to finish taste, and the coffee was great. It wasn't that busy which was perfect, and everyone was welcoming and helpful as I made my final choice.

Lets Start off by letting u know they have stumptown coffee (from Oregon), which is the ONLY reason I came to this spot. This location opened up a whole part of Brooklyn I never saw or knew about. The atmosphere was great and service was good. The huge wooden tables were fantastic for large groups and defiantly gave it a modern yet home feel. The coffee was really good and then eggs were fluffy and flavorful. I will be back.

This neighborhood had it all. Food, shopping, and bars/restaurants.

Zona Rosa (Mexican) Review

Zona Rosawww.zonarosabrooklyn.com
roof top deck
Brooklyn (Williamsburg)
Mexican food

This place has a great evening vibe. Sunday was packed (labor day weekend). It's a new place and doing extremely well.

The tacos were fantastic and I stuck with my traditional carne asada. Presentation was outstanding and loved the chips and salsa. I got a side of rice and beans (4bucks). I also got a tasty little bitch: watermelon jalapeño. Wow.... Delicious. #food#yummy#delicious#mexican#
wow#again. The bartender was extremely welcoming and new his stuff food and drinks. I feel comfortable when someone does.

Second time was on a date upstairs and the food and drinks were still amazing. I highly recommend you to stop by and check it out.

Clinton's Street Bakery Review

Clinton's street bakery cafe
Lower east side
Breakfast and brunch

Want a plus with delicious breakfast and have friends in town. Be prepared its cash ONLY, but worth it. The atmosphere is fresh, clean, and exciting. This weekend has been about new and different restaurants who make food with love.

They really take cafe of their patrons but also everything has love infused in it.

I got the chicken and waffles: boneless tasty delicious waffle. Fluffy and cook to perfection with homemade maple butter syrup. I asked for the honey jalapeño to be on the side because I didn't want too much and didn't know if it was spicy. It was a perfect combination. Love it!!!

The combination was amazing and on the side isn't an option. Wow. It was out of this world. I got coffee and fresh squeeze orange juice. The coffee was strong and only two cups. (Normally I have about three or four).

Overall great location and it was ultimately made with love. Great crowd pleaser if you have friends in town

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